Authentic Japanese Salaryman Food: Takeba Japanese Diner (竹葉日本家庭料理)

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If you have lived in Japan, you are probably familiar with the Salaryman lifestyle. After a long day at work, you feel like a nice home cooked meal plus a beer and a few sakes. However, you were either forced to stay at the office so late that you are now too tired to make dinner, or you feel ashamed to return home before your family is asleep. Due to high demand, little eateries that cater to this type of clientele can be found in almost any community in Japan. In Taiwan however, finding this type of Japanese comfort food can be quite the task.

Takeba Japanese Diner in Taipei

Takeba Japanese Diner is one of the few places in Taiwan to offer this type of meal. This homely mom-and-pop restaurant was started 47 years ago by the current owner’s Japanese mother and has been serving authentic Japanese favorites since then.

The owner and chef at Takeba Japanese Diner

Because it tastes so much like home, the restaurant is frequented by Japanese expats, occasionally in a group discussing business, but more often that not, enjoying a solo meal. The menu is primarily in Japanese with a majority of the dishes translated into Chinese, and a small portion translated into English. Those not familiar with a Japanese menu may have a few problems browsing through it, but the owner will help explain in Chinese or basic English.

Takeba Japanese Diner Menu

Below is a list of dishes with their English and Japanese names to help you understand the menu. You may also choose to use this post to order by pointing.

Sashimi Set Meal NT$320 (刺身定食)

Ginger Pork Saute Set Meal NT$150(生姜焼き)

Japanese Hamburg Steak with Egg Set Meal NT$150(ハンバーグー定食)ie, Hamburger Patty

For those who love Japanese food, one of the highlights at Takeba Japanese Diner is the miso soup. For some reason, it is hard to find good authentic tasting miso soup in Taiwan, and without a doubt, Takeba servers the best miso soup in the country.

Most authentic miso soup in Taiwan (accompanies every set meal)

No Japanese meal is complete without alcohol, and Takeba servers both local Taiwan Beer and Asahi.

Asahi Beer NT$130

After the first beer, it is salaryman tradition to switch to sake or shochu, and there is a variety of options to choose from. If you are not able to finish your whole bottle of spirits, it can be left at the restaurant with your name tag on it for next time!

The wall of sake and shochu waiting for their owners to return for another drink

Golf lovers will be pleased to know that the owner is a golf fanatic and hosts a golf competition every two months. The champion’s board is displayed in the  restaurant. Those interested in participating in future competitions can inquire in the restaurant.


Vital Stats

Name: Takeba Japanese Diner(竹葉日本家庭料理)

Address: No. 6, Section 1, Mínshēng East Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan 104(台北市中山區民生東路1段6號)

Telephone: 02 2571 7614

Budget: Set Meal NT$140-250

Hours:  Daily 12pm – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 10:00pm

Details: Cash 0nly, menu and service in Japanese with some Chinese and English.


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