Taiwanese Hot Pot on a Budget: Heaven Dining Hall(天食堂)

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If you’re down to your last NT$100 (US$3.30), but still want to indulge in Taiwan’s delicious hot pot at lunch time, Heaven Dining Hall in Taipei’s Zhongshan District will allow you to do just that, and still let you go home with NT$1 in your pocket.

Heaven Dining Hall in Zhongshan District


Diners have a choice of beef, pork, or lamb, and will receive a plate full of vegetables to cook along with the meat.  A bowl of rice and drink bar (3 varieties of teas) is also included.  Admittedly, the portions are not large, and big eaters will probably feel that it’s not quite enough, but for smaller eaters, or those looking for a light lunch, this special will do just fine.

Hot Pot Lunch Set NT$99

There are plenty of other options on the menu for those who don’t want to be restricted to the lunch special.  Other sets will set you back NT$120-300.

After ordering, go to the sauce counter to create your very own original concoction that you will use to dip your cooked meat and vegetables in after cooking.


Hot Pot Sauce Counter

The waitress will turn on the the gas, and your hot pot will quickly begin to boil.  Once at a good temperature, and your veggies have started to cook, you are ready to start eating.  Take the raw meat with your chopsticks, and swish it around in the boiling water until the meat has cooked, quick usually only takes 20- 30 seconds.

Dip in your sauce, and enjoy!

Cold teas are refillable, so you can drink to your hearts content.

Cold Tea Counter


Vital Stats

Name: Heaven Dining Hall(天食堂)

Address: No. 1-8, Jǐnxi St, Jhongshan District, Taipei City (台北市錦西街1之8號)

Telephone: (02) 2541-9987

Budget for Lunch Special: NT$99

Details: Cash only, Chinese menu

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