Hole in the Wall French Cuisine in Taipei: Le moulin de la galette(煎餅磨坊)

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Good French cuisine often comes at a price in Taipei. A lot of times, nice looking French restaurants will deliver on the steeply priced menu, yet don’t always deliver on the quality food. However, in Taipei’s Yongkang Street area, one can enjoy excellent French cuisine at street vendor prices.

Le moulin de la galette (煎餅磨坊) opened 11 years ago in a hidden location on one of Yongkang Jie’s side-streets, next to a busy bubble tea store. The tiny open air restaurant can easily be missed due to its size and lack of signs, and at first glance, it is hard to tell what the restaurant serves. But sit down at one of the two tables, and you will not to be disappointed.

Restaurant Menu

The owner, Mr. Xie, operates the restaurant by himself, and judging by the bargain prices for the quality of food served, it seems that the restaurant is run more as a hobby, rather than a business. Get him talking about French cuisine or desserts, and he will quickly pull out a collection of magazines covering the latest trends in French cuisine. The restaurant is generally open daily, except for when the owner goes off on trips to France or Japan to research new ideas for the kitchen.

Salmon Quiche

The menu is simple, consisting of various flavored lasagnes, quiches, salads, crepes, and desserts. However, due to a limited power supply in the small restaurant, menu items may or may not be available on a given day. For example, in the summer, there is usually not enough electricity to use the crepe hotplate.

Quiche with soup and dessert NT$140

Mr. Xie is very particular about all the ingredients and preparation that go into each homemade dish. After carefully baking the lasagnes in an oven (which takes up most of the location’s power supply), the food is topped with fresh vegetables, a vinaigrette, and ground pepper. Both the lasagnes and quiches come as a set meal that include both soup and dessert.

Lasagne with soup and dessert NT$150

Mr. Xie is also particular about his wine, and will only serve what he likes to drink. Best of all, he provides a generous serving of wine at what he describes as a “friendly price”.

Friendly Serving of Wine at a Friendly Price NT$80

The type of dessert that accompanies the meal will change from time to time, but on our visit it was a delicious homemade creme brulee.


Vital Stats

Name: Le moulin de la galette(煎餅磨坊)

Address: No. 30 – 3A, Yǒngkāng St, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan(台北市大安區永康街30號之3A)

Telephone: 0939-333-402

Budget: Lasagne Set Meal NT$150, Quiche Set Meal NT$140, Glass wine NT$80

Hours:  Daily 12pm – 2pm, 5pm – 9:30pm

* Closed when the owner travels internationally (usually to France to get new ideas for the menu)

Details: Cash 0nly, menu in Chinese, owner speaks some English, only 2 tables (seating limited), takeout available

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