Route Map (pre-trip)

On March 27, 2012 by admin

I’ve come up with a rough itinerary for the 16 days of bike touring we have time for. It’s definitely different having a set amount of time, you lose that freedom and excitement that goes with the unknown, of starting your ride in the morning not knowing where you’ll end up staying that night. There will be a small amount of variance in the trip itinerary, I can’t stick to that rigid of a schedule. There will be days climbing in the mountains that tire us down that could be shorter, and may be coastline cruising days that will be longer.

Going over my google map, at a glance it looks like 1250km. Since its only April and the first bike tour of the year, I’m a bit worried about how conditioned we’ll be to lay down steady 80k average days. The rough itinerary goes like this:
From Taiwan, head north to the northernmost tip of Taiwan. Loop around to the south along the east coast. Originally we thought to cut in on route 7 then east past Toroko Gorge to the east coastline again, but have since decided to stay on the east coast then turn inland to Taroko Gorge on a small out and back. From there follow mostly the coast to the southern tip of Taiwan, then back up north going along the west coast. Being more populated and urban, we are going to try to skirt the edge of the mountains and the cities and head to the hot springs then to Sun Moon Lake. Depending on timing, if we can only get to Sun Moon Lake comfortably then so be it, we’ll catch a bus back to Taipei and be content with covering the main routes of Taiwan that we set out to do.

Google Map Image of Planned Bike Tour Itinerary Around Taiwan

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