Sabrina House(紗汀娜好食)

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If you only walk the main streets of Taipei, you will never find this restaurant.  However, if you enjoy exploring the back alleyways and some of the smaller night markets around town, you may have stumbled across this gem of western dining: Sabrina House.

Sabrina House for Brunch, Pasta, Risotto, Steak, or Dessert

Located next to the southern alley entrance of Qingguang Market, this stylish new restaurant has an extensive menu offering everything from western style weekend brunch to pasta lunches, steak dinners, as well as coffee, beers, wine and homemade desserts.

The menu is in both English and Chinese and contains numerous pictures, which helps to make the ordering process easier.  A number of the friendly staff also speak some English, and are happy to help you navigate through the menu.

On my first lunch visit, the restaurant was full with well to do couples, mature families, as well as those sitting down to a business lunch. I was lucky to get a table!

I went for the Eiffel Roast Chicken, which looked amazing in the photo, and did not disappoint!

The meal started off with a great cream of vegetable soup seasoned with croutons and bacon bits.

Cream of Vegetable Soup

The main dish took about 25-30 minutes to arrive, but it was well worth the wait. The hearty chicken leg was topped with bacon strips and lots of cheese. High in calories, yes, but also high in flavor! The chicken was accompanied by a honey mustard sauce, a generous serving of rice, and steamed vegetables.

Eiffel Roast Chicken NT$290

Following the meal, a nice hot cup of coffee arrived.  The meal was so pleasant that I was even tempted with dessert, which I usually stay away from.

Meal includes a choice of beverage

Total bill for the lunch set came to NT$290.  About half of what I would have paid in other countries.


On my second lunch visit, the restaurant was not quite as crowded.  I received the same friendly service and decided to try the Classical Chicken Leg with Spinach Rice.

Again the picture was what sold me on the dish.

This time the meal started with a cream of corn soup.

Classical Chicken Leg with Spinach Rice NT$270

Although the main dish was much quicker to arrive, unfortunately, the flavor did not quite meet expectations.  The picture showed a number of vegetables accompanying the chicken, but the plate that arrived only had one type of indistinguishable pickled vegetable and the sauce was a little too sour for my liking.

After the meal, an iced coffee arrived, and after finishing the first cup, I was soon offered a second at no additional cost.

Total bill for the meal, NT$270.

The overall experience of round two was also quite pleasant, so I had to return to work my way through the large menu!


On lunch visit number three, I went for the Burgundy Red Wine with Beef and Chicken Rice.

Again the lunch set started off with a nice cream of broccoli soup, garnished with bacon, parsley, and croutons.

This was followed by the main course which consisted of deliciously stewed beef and vegetables topped with sour cream, but I couldn’t find any traces of chicken.

Burgundy Red Wine with Beef and Chicken Rice NT$270

The meal was followed by a cup of coffee, and I left the restaurant pleased as always.


Vital Stats

Name: Sabrina House(紗汀娜好食)

Address: No. 1-5, Lane 183, Section 2, Zhōngshān North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City (台北市中山北路二段183巷1之5號)

Telephone: (02) 2593-1001

Budget: NT$250-750

Hours: Monday to Friday 11:00am – 10:00pm (last order 9:30pm)

Saturday & Sunday 8:00am – 10:00pm (last order 9:30pm)

Details: Credit Cards accepted, English and Chinese menu


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