Pre-trip: Tech talk and filming

On March 28, 2012 by admin
I’m planning on getting a sim card for my iPhone to be sure of being able to 1) update this blog and, 2) find out where the heck I am via maps, and 3) update live through twitter.  My twitter handle if you’re curious to follow along via random 140 character tweets is @freezr99
The facebook page for the trip is , feel free to comment there as well.
In Japan I relied on my iphone sometimes to find where I was, as well as distances to my goal for the night. On that tour there was no rigidness though, so day to day was flexible. The iphone came in handy to book hotels or camps sometimes, or to quickly wiki on what that town was ‘famous’ for…

In Taiwan I’m hoping to get a SIM card at the airport to put into my old iphone that’s already unlocked (yet another thing that Escape 2 Taiwan has helped sort out for me), at least to use for map help occasionally. We’ll have our ipad with us for at the hotel or hostels along the way. I plan to update this journal every day along the way, rather than taking notes and trying to decipher them months later. After the trip I’ll be able to load up my GPS route from my Garmin Edge for more accurate maps and stats.  I take a lot of photos so hopefully I can upload a few each day, and more post trip.

I’m also planning on video taping a ton of footage on this tour as well, between my Contour HD helmet cam, DSLR, and flipcam, I hope to put together a decent bike touring film after the fact. I have mounts for on the bike frame, helmet top, and even a headband strap. I found with my filming in Japan where I had to take out my video camera, that I missed many moments where I’d have the chance to suddenly talk to someone or random acts of kindness that I didn’t want to ruin by pausing the person while I got my camera out. These videos will be uploaded after the tour finishes as well.


出発前: 旅のガジェットの話題&撮影について

On March 28, 2012 by admin
台湾では空港でSIMカードを入手して、自前のSIMロック解除済みの古いiPhoneに入れて(ここでもEscape 2 Taiwanの助けを頂きましたよ)、最低でもiphoneの地図を使えるようにします。ホテルや民宿で使う用として、iPadも持っていくつもりです。私は毎日、この旅行記をアップデートしようと考えています。ま、ノートをちまちまとったり、数か月後に旅の詳細を「解読」しようと試行錯誤するよりマシですからね。旅が終わったら、私のGarmin Edgeで記録した正確な地図とステータスを使った、GPSロガーによる旅の軌跡をアップロードできるでしょう。また、たくさんの写真を撮るつもりなので、毎日数枚ずつ、旅の後に全てお見せできるでしょう。
同様に旅の軌跡としてビデオカメラでの録画も予定しています。機材はContour HD ヘルメットカム、DSLR(デジタル1眼レフ)、そしてflipcamで、それらの素材を後ほどちゃんとした自転車旅行の記録映像にするつもりです。日本一周旅行を振り返ると、突然誰かに話しかけられたり、優しくしていただいたりした際、カメラを取り出してポーズをしてもらったりすると台無しになりそうで、結構そうした瞬間を記録に収められなかったので、動画を撮るべきだったという事に気付きました。今回の旅の動画は旅行終了後にアップロードする予定です。


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