Man Lai Hot Spring Ramen (滿來溫泉拉麵)

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Man Lai Hot Spring Ramen (滿來溫泉拉麵)

When on the tourist path in Xin Beitou, one of the popular spots to stop for lunch or a light dinner is Man Lai Hot Spring Ramen.  On the weekends, it is probably best not to go on an overly empty stomach, as you may find the line winding around the block and up a flight of stairs during dinner hours (17:00~21:30) which are conveniently timed with the closing hours of nearby Beitou Thermal Valley.

The best thing on the menu is also one of the simplest, and that is the hot spring egg(溫泉蛋)which traditionally is a soft boiled egg prepared using hot spring water.  Until a few years ago, when fences were put up around the steaming crater, Thermal Valley was a popular spot for cooking eggs naturally.  Unfortunately, too many people were scalded in the waters that can reach up to 100C, and cooking eggs in the source of the Beitou’s hot spring waters in no longer an option.  The eggs at Man Lai Hot Spring Ramen are still cooked to traditional mushy perfection and are topped with shredded seaweed and sauce.  1 serving is NT$25.

Another popular item is the Miso Ramen with braised pork (味噌叉燒拉麵)which is a little different from the original Japanese version, and is literally Ramen noodles in miso soup.  1 bowl is NT$120.   There are a number of other types of ramen, including the other Japanese traditional flavours of Soy Sauce (Shoyu, 正油) and Salt (Shio, listed as 白湯).  The drink menu includes both Taiwanese and Japanese beer as well as soft drinks.


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Vital Stats

Name: Man Lai Hot Spring Ramen (滿來溫泉拉麵)
Address: No. 110, Wēnquán Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan (台北市北投區溫泉路110號)
Tel: 02-2893-7958
Budget: Ramen NT$120, Hot Spring Egg NT$25, Taiwan Beer NT$40
Hours: 11:30~14:00 and 17:00~21:30
Details: To order, mark the quantity of each item you would like on the order form.  The menu is in Chinese, but the miso ramen and hot spring eggs have been noted in the photo above.


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