Long Nai Tang Hot Springs in Beitou (瀧乃湯)

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Long Nai Tang Hot Springs (瀧 乃湯) became the very first public hot springs to open in Beitou in 1896 and has been in operation ever since.  As you can imagine, the facilities are old and basic.  The lobby area consists of old toilets, a fridge with chilled beverages, and a payment counter, behind which lie the entrances to the male and female baths on either side.  Once inside, there is a narrow walkway with benches and cubbyholes that act as a change area (ie. to get out of your clothes, as this hot springs is used in the nude).  You will see the simple shower facilities towards the back, which are to be used before entering the hot spring water.  Be sure to bring your own toiletries, as there are none provide. The water in the two hot spring pools is very hot, so it is recommended to approach the water slowly.

There were rumours that Long Nai Tang may close in 2013 for renovations (or for good), but at the time of writing, there was no confirmed closing date.  It is already well past the original rumoured date, so we hope that it is nothing more than a rumour.

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Vital Stats

Name: Long Nai Tang Hot Springs(瀧乃湯)

Address: No. 244, Guāngmíng Road, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan 112 (台北市北投區光明路224號)

Tel: 02 2891 2236

Budget: NT$90 per person

Hours: 6:30am ~ 9pm

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