Day 6 – Scorched in the East Rift Valley

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Ruisui to Antong Hot Springs

We woke up and got down to the breakfast, it was fairly weak and I just had three pieces of toast. Packed up the tornado of a room and headed out by a bit after 10:00 am. Today is insanely hot out, maybe 32 degrees Celsius. We biked on to the south towards Yuli. The road climbed up towards the Saoba stone pillars.  We pulled in to take a look at them when I got a flat tire.

Only the second one, so I can’t complain too much.

Then the pump blew up, and stopped pumping air.

Luckily the Giant rental bikes came with a pump each, and with my personal Topeak Road Morph G now screwed, I was glad to have them. As much as I love the Topeak pump because of its ability to turn into a mini floor pump and how it can pump up to high pressures… it’s unreliable. When on tour in Japan, the pump did the same thing and I had to toss it in the garbage, same as this one. It may be covered under warranty, but they ask me to carry around a piece of garbage for the rest of the trip? With bike touring, you are constantly trying to whittle down your belongings to the bare necessities, because everything that you have, you carry, on every km.

Right after the quick tire fix under the hot sun, we rode by the tropic of cancer, then to the police station to use the air pump since it’s a cyclist rest stop. Gotta love that!

Bit of a downhill then to the first 7-Eleven all day, at the 28k point. Both of us were just parched, so hungry. We ate in the 7-Eleven in the coldest a/c we’ve had. Rode 3 k up and stopped at the Antong cycling station that doubled as a Giant store, and right along a cycling path. Bought a couple things there, like badly needed socks for my smelly feet, then up to the hot spring town of Antong.

We went to the Antong Hot Springs Resort, it looked nice and the others were way up on the hillside. Joe spoke English well and the place looked pretty good. Private hot spring in the room, and down in the public spa area there were private spa rooms you could use on your own, as a couple, or with a family even. The hot spring water here is clear and is said to have benefits for skin disease, trauma, and gastro issues.

We went out for a late afternoon soak in the many outdoor tubs they have, then caught a quick nap before dinner in their restaurant. It’s on the 2nd floor, you order there, the worker calls it down, ten minutes later it’s ready and they play the sound of a bunch of birds, must be the signal for the worker to then run the food elevator up and serve us, efficient!

After dinner we decided to go down to the hot spring to try out the private hot spring rooms, where you fill up the stone bath with hot spring water from the source and lay back to relax with no one else around, so nice! We tested out the inner hot spring rooms that are divided into male and female areas, but Jiaoxi’s were better.

Great room here, very Japanese style, and super relaxing quiet resort! $2580 TWD ($87.50 USD) per night. We both felt pretty relaxed after having an easier day on the bike today.

Bike Stats
Time 2h10mins


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