Day 13 – Guanziling

On April 23, 2012 by admin

Up and at it very early today, we had to say goodbye to Adia, even as he provided us with another tasty breakfast. He was even nice enough to get Woody the driver to take us the 800m to the bus station.  Always amazing service here, it really made us enjoy Hengchun, mainly because of the people!

Taiwan HSR

The bus from Hengchun to Kaoshung high speed rail station cost 380 each and took about 2.5hrs.  From here we caught a bullet train for about 35 minutes up to Chiayi station.  High speed rail just blows my mind, so comfortable, convenient, and cheap!  The ticket was only 400 each.  As we walked out of Chiayi station we realized we had to catch a shuttle in to town so we could then catch a bus up to Guanziling.  Taking approximately 2-3 hrs.  As we walked over to wait for the shuttle bus to town a crazy lady was screaming Chinese at us.  I walked to the other side of the building to ask the taxi drivers how much to get up there since the book

says it’s 400-500 one way, whereas a bus would be 80.  They all scoffed at the idea of it only costing 500 saying at least 900, so I went back to the crazy lady and sure enough she had a taxi and wanted 900.  I offered 500, we agreed on700, and went for it.

And did she ever go for it.  She peeled out of the parking lot and in no time we were going 120 in a 60 zone!  What should take 45-55minutes to drive only took us 25!  She was in full nascar mode, while I held on for dear life.  I looked at her meter out of curiousity and at her Richard Petty pace it only rea

d 745$, so we did allright on the price.  Checked in to the Toong Mao Resort, its pretty expensive at 2640 but for one night we decided to do it anyways, plus it was only 1230pm so we had the entire day to hot spring!

The hot springs here are one of only three in the world that can lay claim to being mud hot springs.  Visions of hot bubbling mud puddles with people soaking in them comes to mind, but it’s far from the truth.  A sediment is carried with the hot

spring water as it bubbles up to the surface, making the water appear a greyish colour thick with the sediment.  Theres a large basket with the mud in it as well, and I looked over to see an old lady covered head to toe with dried up mud on her, appearing like a ghost.  She then waded into our hot pool and rinsed it off.

Guanziling Hot Springs

Ophelia and I decided to try it out and got out to smear mud head to toe then let it dry before reentering the hot pool.  Not exactly my thing but still fun to try once.  It was another good day off the bike, we enjoyed the mountain views and walked around the village after dinner.  The mandatory late night soak was incredibly relaxing, hardly anyone around.


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