Beitou’s Puji Temple(普濟寺)

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Puji Temple

Beitou’s Puji Temple(普濟寺)  is a rare example of a Japanese Shingon Buddhist temple in Taiwan, and has been very well preserved.  Originally named Tiezhen Temple, it was first built in 1905 from donations by Japanese railway employees.  It is dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy Avalokiteshvara, who serves as a guardian spirit of hot springs.

Although Puji Temple and its grounds are not large, it may be of some interest to history buffs, or those fascinated by traditional Japanese architecture.  The temple is located across the street from “Kyoto Hotel” and up the flight of stairs to your right.

Constructed in traditional Japanese wooden architectural style, the building’s framework is well preserved.  The main hall has a single-caved gable and hip roof.  Its floor plan is almost perfectly square and the roof stretches forward, forming a cover for the front entrance, a popular design feature during the Edo Period in Japan.  The entire temple is built of high-quality juniper.  The wooden brackets and curved tie beams are decorated with elegant carvings.  Of particular note are the bell-shaped windows.  The main hall, stone Avalojiteshvara image and stele dedicated to Taiwan Railway Administration director Murakami Shoichi are all of great historical value.


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Vital Stats

Name: Puji Temple(普濟寺)
Address:112, Wenquan Rd., Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: (02) 2891-4386
Entrance: Free


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